beck klausman
Beck Klausman is an emerging fine artist currently living in New York. Her first passion for painting quickly directed her to the realm of fine art, where she discovered her love for photography.

Her work has been exhibited in galleries in New York, Philadelphia, Providence, and New Jersey. She has had work published in the book Recovered Photographs from the 1920s-1940s, and in NewJerseyartsblog of ArtPride NJ as “Masterpiece of the Day.” Her series, Be Good. is held permanently in the photography archives at the Rhode Island School of Design. Coming out soon her photographs are to be published in Emerging Designers, with her fashion photography; a Birthright Israel NEXT/Nextbook, Inc. Anthology project, with her landscape images of Israel; and 100 Self-Portraits: Defining Ourselves Through Photography, with Beck’s self portrait work from her Be Good. Series.

The presentation of a majority of Beck Klausman’s photography is one of almost deceitfulness. She is interested in drawing a viewer with the formal beauty of an image and upon spending some more time on the specific images, the viewer discovers a contrasted ironic humor within the photographs that was at first unseen and absolutely unexpected. Beck enjoys involving viewers in her work, inviting them into her world through her art using photographs, video, painting, writing, and sculpture.

When she isn’t creating new work, Beck splits her time between New York and Southern New Jersey, where she spends lots of time with her yellow Labrador, who is a trained stand-in and an exceptional cable-release operator.

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